TV Contract Extended For Twirl Girls

That’s right, the TV contract for Twirl Girls was extended through 2020! Plus, our new agreement includes “Over-The-Top” TV, which means that if Twirl Girls airs in your area, you’ll be able to watch it on Hulu, SlingTV, and YouTube TV. Exciting stuff and we couldn’t be more grateful for the support we’ve received over the years.

Don’t forget to head over to Facebook and give Twirl Girls a “like” or to and give Twirl Girls a rating…it really helps our street-cred!

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Watch Twirl Girls on the PBS App!

It’s been awhile since we’ve had something exciting to share…but this certainly qualifies.  We are pleased to announce that you can now watch the broadcast version of Twirl Girls via the PBS App!  That’s right, just download the app on your platform of choice, search Twirl Girls, and relive Sue’s Stepper-ettes ride to the 2012 NBTA world competition in Switzerland.  We’re very grateful for the support we received over the past few years during our initial television run and are excited that even more people have the opportunity to see the documentary.  Tell your friends!  Then, after you tell your friends, head on over to our IMDB page and give us a rating!  It makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

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A Great Year For Twirl Girls

Reports are in and we’ll call 2015 a successful follow-up year to 2014. To date, the documentary has aired over 150 times in more than 40 television markets across 22 states; including the #1 market in the country, New York City! On top of that, 2015 saw Twirl Girls garner an Emmy win and two nominations in the Heartland Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

Again, a huge thank you for your interest in the movie. If you are looking for a way to see Twirl Girls, currently the only option is to contact your local PBS station and let them know you’d like to see it. (Previous posts explain the best way to go about that.) We know this works because we just got word that Twirl Girls will be airing on Jan. 31st in Maryland (4:30pm on MPT2) due solely to some outstanding leg work by an interested viewer. Who knows, maybe Twirl Girls aired in your neck of the woods already and they’ll be more than willing to play it again to appease the masses!

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Twirl Girls on IMDb!

Twirl Girls is now officially listed on the Internet Movie Database, or IMDb (as it’s known to those people who love abbreviations). While there isn’t an abundance of information on the page, it’s still pretty cool to be able to search their site and find the documentary listed alongside famous Hollywood films.

Go on, click the link. You know you want to check it out.

Twirl Girls on IMDb

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Twirl Girls Goes National – To Air In Twin Cities

In another bit of good news, Twirl Girls will be airing this September on tpt (Twin Cities PBS station). For those of you in the viewing area (Minnesota/Wisconsin), you can catch the documentary at the following times:

tpt – 2.1 Thurs., Sept. 3rd – 11:30pm Fri., Sept. 4th – 5:30am

tpt Life – 2.3 Fri., Sept. 4th – 2:30pm Fri., Sept. 4th – 6:30pm

If you know of any other stations around the country that have picked up Twirl Girls, let us know!

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Twirl Girls at the 2015 Emmy Awards in Denver!

Twirl Girls takes home a trophy!  Congratulations to Taylor Stein, who won Best Director at the 2015 Emmy® Awards for the Heartland Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences!  (Also, congrats to Curtis Grubb on his nomination for Musical Composition/Arrangement!)  Below are some photos from the event and a quick letter from Taylor.

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Twirl Girls Receives Two Emmy® Nominations

Twirl Girls has received two Emmy® nominations in the Heartland Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences!  Congratulations to Taylor Stein, who is nominated in the Director category and Curtis Grubb, who is nominated in the Musical Composition/Arrangement category for his original song “Love Is In The Air.” (Which was written specifically for the documentary!)

We wish them both luck at the awards ceremony in Denver on July 18th!

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Want To See Twirl Girls In Your Area? Here’s How!

Hey gang, if you’d like to see Twirl Girls in your area, now’s your chance! The documentary is becoming available to all public broadcasters next week and, though we’ve secured national distribution, that doesn’t mean that stations will automatically pick it up. We’ve done our best to inform PBS stations around the country, but we could use your help! So quick, do a Google search and find the public broadcaster in your area. (It could be a PBS affiliate, but could also be associated with a school or university, a city, or even an independent station.) We are encouraging those of you that are interested in seeing the show to send an e-mail to your local PBS. (If you can track down a program director’s email, all the better!) Let them know you’re interested in Twirl Girls and use your powers of persuasion to convince them to carry it! In your e-mail, please include the title of the program and that Twirl Girls will be available via satellite feed through the National Educational Telecommunications Association on Friday, April 24th.

We hope you’re as excited as we are about the opportunity to get baton twirling more exposure!

And, if you find out Twirl Girls has been picked up in your area, let us know! Thanks for your continued support of Twirl Girls!

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