Want To See Twirl Girls In Your Area? Here’s How!

Hey gang, if you’d like to see Twirl Girls in your area, now’s your chance! The documentary is becoming available to all public broadcasters next week and, though we’ve secured national distribution, that doesn’t mean that stations will automatically pick it up. We’ve done our best to inform PBS stations around the country, but we could use your help! So quick, do a Google search and find the public broadcaster in your area. (It could be a PBS affiliate, but could also be associated with a school or university, a city, or even an independent station.) We are encouraging those of you that are interested in seeing the show to send an e-mail to your local PBS. (If you can track down a program director’s email, all the better!) Let them know you’re interested in Twirl Girls and use your powers of persuasion to convince them to carry it! In your e-mail, please include the title of the program and that Twirl Girls will be available via satellite feed through the National Educational Telecommunications Association on Friday, April 24th.

We hope you’re as excited as we are about the opportunity to get baton twirling more exposure!

And, if you find out Twirl Girls has been picked up in your area, let us know! Thanks for your continued support of Twirl Girls!