Twirl Girls Hits The Air

It’s been a long time coming, but the “Twirl Girls” broadcast premiere has finally arrived!  What was once an impromptu pitch at a sushi restaurant in downtown Omaha turned into a project much more rewarding than we could have ever imagined.  We will forever have a special bond with those involved.

There are an endless amount of people we would like to thank for helping us along the way, but we especially need to thank Sue and Bob Foehlinger, Sue’s Stepper-ettes Senior Twirling Corp, the team coaches,  all the folks down at NET (but especially David Feingold, Joe Turco, Terry Dugas and Kay Hall), Curt Grubb, the list literally goes on and on…and on…

Anyways, thanks to you for your interest in the film.  We hope you enjoy the show!*


* – The version that you will see on NET is a cut down version for television.  The original run time was 1hr 10mins, but it was cut down to 28mins in an effort to bring the story to a wider audience.